It doesn't matter who you are, being an Alzheimer's caregiver is not something you can do alone, and that's exactly why we must "Stand Together for AD." It's never too late to ask for support and find the strength you need, and this site is a
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About Leeza Gibbons


Leeza is an Emmy-winning television and radio personality, author and former caregiver. Leeza's mother and grandmother both suffered from Alzheimer's disease, and Leeza served as a caregiver to her mother. She is dedicated to making an impact on the Alzheimer's disease community and is proud to support this movement.

One of the greatest gifts in Leeza's life has been the opportunity to honor her mother's legacy and her family's journey through her mother's Alzheimer's disease. In 2002, she created The Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation and its signature program, Leeza's Place, offering free services to family caregivers facing a health challenge.

Leeza is currently the host of "America Now," the nightly syndicated TV news magazine, and the PBS show "My Generation."