to our updated Alzheimer's caregiver resource page. All your favorite resources are still available—they're just organized differently. The support and tools you've counted on can be found under the tabs to the right along with some new features that we hope you'll find helpful. We're glad you're here!

Learn about a treatment option. Get information on a prescription medication that's approved for all stages of Alzheimer's disease. You'll learn about:

Screening for Dementia

Is it just old age or is it Alzheimer's disease? Start looking for answers here.

How to talk to the doctor

Know more about what to expect when asking your loved one's doctor about Alzheimer's disease.

Making healthcare decisions

Know some issues to consider and the steps you can take to plan for the future.

Join our Facebook community and find strength and support to face Alzheimer's Disease. This is where you'll find some of your old favorite resources, like:

Alzheimer's Disease Education

Get information on Alzheimer's disease from signs and symptoms to caregiving support.

Expert advice

Watch a panel of experts discuss topics and offer insights on challenges that Alzheimer's caregivers face.

Words of Wisdom

Read stories and get advice from real Alzheimer's caregivers like you.

Explore the Caregiver Support Program. You're not alone. Find guidance and advice exclusively for Alzheimer's caregivers with features like:

Caregiver stories

Learn from the experiences of real Alzheimer's caregivers like you.

Caregiver's guides

Get answers and practical tools that can help you provide care for your loved one.

Personalized support

Find out how you can get one-on-one access to nurses who understand what you're facing.

Additional Alzheimer's Disease and Caregiving Resources:
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Alzheimer's Association

Focuses on Alzheimer's care, support, and research.

Alzheimer's Foundation of America

Offers care and services to individuals with dementia and their caregivers and families.

National Family Caregivers Association

Educates, supports, empowers and speaks up for Americans who care for loved ones with a chronic illness, disability or old age.